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Luxury Retail

Bamboa offers sumptuous materials from silks to bamboo cotton for everyday basics, for the ambitious modern woman, with discerning taste, and an eye for quality. We created a brand narrative, that invites the consumer to share in a synergistic relationship with nature. Looking to sustainable products, not only to respect the planet, but foster a greater of sense of inner-beauty and empowerment. Brand guidelines that offer a window into the possibilities of a harmonious grounded life, through soothing and responsible retail choices. This small business required an adaptable template and unifying colour-scheme. This was a short term project, but an enjoyable creative journey. We designed a new logo, and brand identity that could fluidly evolve. We also art directed, poignant imagery, with this discerning brand narrative in mind. Never deviating from the dream like universe Bamboa strives to create.

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