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Golborne Place

Wellness Clinic and Teaching Studio

Monica Zamora, an accomplished royal ballerina and empowered business owner, approached us requiring a full re-brand for her wellness clinic and teaching studio Golborne Place. Nestled somewhere in the mayhem of vibrant London neighbourhood, Notting Hill, this studio provides an urban escape with one simple, yet vital goal - to guide clients ‘Towards Wellbeing’. Each service promises to restore physical and mental vitality, through intentional healing practices. Monica offers pilates, gyrotonic, acupuncture, massage and craniosacral therapy. We established brand logo, brandguidelines and a marketing campaign that could promote Golborne Place’s services, practitioners and teaching courses.

We developed upon themes of balance, restoration, mindfulness and urban location to create a welcoming and expansive design ethos. The wellness industry is an oversaturated market, so we strategically focused on Golborne Place’s unique elements, in order to create a well-rounded seamless presence across all media, digital and print. We embraced the community of practitioners, and focused on key elements of their individual services. Utilising an array of design strategies to keep their digital marketing fresh and relevant, while in keeping with adaptable brand guidelines, templates, marketing materials, and idents. This is an on-going creative partnership, and design process, that evolves with Monica’s needs. This project began with a clearly defined blueprint, that was impactful enough to transcend all platforms, and developed into a robust framework to become a full brand eco-system.







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