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Luxury Retail

Hong Kong’s OnTheList approached me, searching for creative solutions to a branding query. How were they to market exclusive sales, with penultimate luxury fashion brands, without revealing the names of these super brands? Not wanting to be associated with last seasons collections, the designers share a discreet partnership with OnTheList. It was essential to bring luxury value to OntheList without compromising the designers in question.

My answer was to create a campaign that embraced the problem as the solution, exclusivity became a key theme. I strategised that this campaign needed to achieve two things at once, promote hype about the mystery brands, and gain interest in OnTheList’s premium memberships. Fashion choices are subjective and trends come and go, but style is ever evolving, not unlike the city of Hong Kong itself. I used traditional textures, local colours and brushed calligraphy to visually bridge the city’s classical skyline and design elements, with eclectic street style, and iconic fashion accessories. The audience is invited to unlock exclusive style, at competitive prices. Yet OnTheList maintains its brand identity, as a source of luxury and aspirational quality.

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