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Phantom Muse Creatives, 
Branding A

Phantom.Muse.Creatives, values the passion and authenticity that you bring to your business. We thrive upon the individual and unique projects that our clients present to us because we seek to bring your vision, vibrantly to life. We’re more than a service. We’re the inspiration you’ve been looking for. We’re the invisible middle man, working to seamlessly communicate your brand to your customer. Our team consists of a Masters Degree in Media and Communications, a Masters Degree in English Literature, and a Degree in Product Design. Our expertise from all angles, creates a harmonious meeting of the minds. Phantom Muse, represents the creatives behind the curtain, the ghost writers and designers that elevate your business. 

Serious Inquiries Only.


Fan Mail, Love Letters and Poetry Strongly Advised.


Dare you to make the first move…

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