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Brand Essence

Updated: Jun 10

In the world of brand development, authentic and well crafted strategy is the foundation for long term success. A comprehensive brand is positioned to maintain and develop an adaptable and sustainable relationship with its audience and consumer base. Longevity is the by product of vitality. Brand Strategy is crucially linked to this idea of essence, energy and vitality.

I am of the belief that every persons contribution is of value. I do not prescribe to the idea that the digital world is oversaturated. This is an exciting new era, that has the potential to redefine our connection to one another and the planet we share. There is no race or competition. Its not about standing out, its about creating value and connection. The more life affirming, and energised your brand is, the more creative and inviting your brand strategy becomes. 

Brand Messaging, Brand Guidelines, Brand Logo, Brand Visuals, and Brand Presence, are not the roadmap to a strong identity. This is a checklist of essential components. The aesthetic, delivers on a promise the brand is already delivering. Each component of one’s brand identity needs to reiterate and re-energise the brands essence. Keep delivering this energy exchange, and you will keep evolving. 

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